Thursday, 26 July 2012

Commuting in London

Commuting in London is a crazy affair
but when you think about it, it is actually hilare,
Because although you could get a mortgage for the price of your fair
all the jokes are priceless if you start to become aware.


I'm so fucking tired I've got coffee up my nose
I'm so fucking gutted this is not the career I chose
I'ts so fucking crowded, I will stand on your toes and,
no, my body odour does not smell like a rose
You can hear my music and I can read your book,
I dont want to see your messages, but I cant help but look
Your ponytail's so close to me I could use it as a hook!
...and my stomach starts to rumble as we all just slowly cook

Stampeded is the price to pay for getting to work on time and I notice that all the shoes are shiner than mine,
I don't own a stain free shirt and certainly not a tie

I think i'll retap my oyster onto the unemployment line

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