Thursday, 26 July 2012


2000 words can't be heard
not on paper not on word
you cant do yours,
I cant do mine
consider doing anything
to buy more time.
The intention was there,
right from the start,
to start this one early
and get a good mark.
Open a textbook,
where do I start?
what does that word mean?
I should have done art.
But I am doing art,
the art of what?
- an addictive sport.
Tidied up the garden,
hoovering the stairs
rearranging posters,
dying my hair,
Anything and everything,
except the assignments
this room is a playground
for solitary confinement.
Staring at a screen for 13 hours a day,
read one sentence then navigate away...
away from the work,
just one quick look!
on what?
yeah, you guessed it,
the curse of Facebook

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